About Annapurna Blue

Blending East and West ...

AnnapurnaBlue’s team is trained in Western and Eastern medicine and spiritual traditions. Our team members have over 30 years’ experience in Western medicine, and over 20 years of work with Eastern healing and wellness modalities. This allows us to fuse both Eastern and Western approaches to Mind, Body and Spirit healing and wellbeing.

We believe in functional wellbeing. We offer students of all ages, men and woman, the tools to manage negativities, maintain emotional balance, mental clarity and sustaining resilience. To acknowledge and release negative emotions; to be mindful of what our bodies need; and to nurture the environment we live in daily.

​Taking the time now to learn, implement and nurture your mind, body and spirit will greatly help you to develop wellness, internal strength and resilience to avoid illnesses caused by stress and environmental factors.

Our workshops and retreats are uniquely structured, combining Western and Tibetan healing and wellness techniques. This gives our students profound knowledge and resources to have functional wellbeing, peace, calm and harmony within their daily lives. 

Qigong and Body Your Wellness Instructor
Bo Blichfeldt

Bo Blichfeldt is not only one of the most creative architects in Denmark. He is also an architect of healing.

He has been studying Feng Shui and Qi Gong for well over 20 plus years and and continues to study it with Qi Gong masters.
As co-founder of Annapurna Blue, Bo strives to bring quality teachings and programs. Through Bo's teachings and events, students will be able to top into their innate ability to heal, to be in balance with their daily life.

Bo spent years in China learning these skills. His experience opens the door to this knowledge for his students, and allows him to hold space for healing with his students.

Dissolve negative energy in your life, help you to restore your health, vitality and energy. You will learn to be in harmony, heighten your spiritual connections and activate your creativity!

You are in for a treat to be able to work with Bo, to bring out your innate ability to heal and be in balance with your daily life. 

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Your Wellness Instructor
Deborah Peteler

Deborah Peteler has worked in the healing and transformative arts for over 30 years. Deborah’s work focuses on stress management, pain management, and balancing family and work environment.

As a former nurse, trained psychotherapist, and certified health, family and executive coach, Deborah is trained in Western science of health and healing.
She has studied for the past 20 years studying healing and spiritual practices of Yungdrung Bon, the ancient Tibetan healing practice, with Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche and other senior Tibetan masters.

Deborah combines both modern medicine and the ancient Tibetan healing practices to help her students make changes to improve all areas of their lives.

​She is witty, fun and enjoys sharing her knowledge with her students to give them the tools to improve their daily lives. 

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