Qigong Retreat

The Ultimate Mind Body Practice

Eight Days ~ Seven Nights
October 21st - 28th, 2023

Crete, Greece

Rediscovering your vibrant energy.
All while breathing in the essence of Greece. 

Imagine being on the beautiful island of Crete for eight wonderful days of The Ultimate Mind, Body Reset and Recharge ~ QiGong Practices, Meditative breathing and gentle Qi Gong exercise, Meditation, Learning Reflexology, Feng Shui Consult, for your home, Healing with the Five Element Mindset Sessions, Half and full day excursions.

Learning and improving Qigong to benefit your overall physical and mental health. Giving you the tools to help you improve your overall fitness and health, reducing your stress, improving your sleep, improving focus and productivity. Lowering diabetes and heart disease risk and improved symptoms.

Learning the powerful healing energy of the elements around us. Showing our own innate ability to heal.

Rediscovering your vibrant energy. All while breathing in the essence of Greece.

Stepping away and taking the trip to Crete may be just what you need to regroup your life.

A dedicated full schedule

for practicing
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Breath work and meditation

Working harmoniously and effortlessly enhance the body’s Qi (Life Force) bringing your Qi (Life Force into harmony, balance, health and longevity.

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Silent inner Qigong & Mudra and hand Qigong for the day

Building Qi (Life Force) natural.

Purpose of each Mudra and Hand gesture.
The Power of the Qigong related organs for the day, month, year and life.

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Xiang Gong (Blooming Fragance Qigong)

Fluttering Fragrance of Buddhist Pagoda Turning the universe. themes in the Saving of all living beings.

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Smile Gong

To activate contact and to invoke medians, acupuncture points, energy centers and to
strengthen and clean out – to invert the effect of here comes the sun smiling & to
ensure happiness for the day

Qi Gong Retreat includes

  • Breakfast, Lunch and 3 dinners - You will be responsible for dinners while we are on excursion on the island.
  • Coffee, tea, fruit juices, water, snacks
  • Group Morning Body Movement: (morning stretches a beautiful way to start your day of all levels)
  • Group Qigong Sessions
  • 1 private session for the week
  • Private Time - enjoy your surroundings
  • Meditation - All levels
  •  Evening Gatherings
  •  Free time to contemplate
  • Vans For island excursions
  • Use of Wifi     

Not included

Air Fees and transfers to the Resort on the Island of Crete, Greece

​Inspiration and Empowerment 

  • You will be inspired to truly look within, with an open mind, to see:
  • What you are unhappy with, in all areas in your life.
  • Evaluate the status of your mind, body and spirit.
  • What you would like within your life.
  • A plan inspired by your desires to make the changes to change what you are not happy with and to make a plan for your desires.
  • An amazing support system to help you achieve your goals.
  • You will leave the retreat empowered to be the you, you would like to be. Finding Yourself!
  • Tools to help you focus, creating balance and better health. 
  • The confirmation we are not old, but truly wiser, spirited, and full of life to be experienced. 
  • Two post retreat support sessions.

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